Wednesday, 18 February 2009

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Dell 6400 Latitude

I have been DELL Latitude fans since i work in DELL early 2004. My first test out was DELL Latitude D600, the following DELL notebook was DELL Latitude D800 and DELL Latitude D620. You may wonder why DELL specifically Latitude

I can give you some reasons:

  1. The price: it's not too expensive, it's slightly higher than getting a DELL Vostro or DELL Studio. Normally my machine cost is about RM4K - 6K (USD 1.3K - 1.8K)
  2. The outlook: it's always have cool looking (I'm mention DELL Latitude series, not Inspiron or Vostro). It looks quite elegant with this price.
  3. The performance: it perform very well, i heavyly use my notebook for programming (.NET, MSSQL, C++), debugging and etc. It still can meet my requirement. My battery can last for 4 hours without charging. This is important for me when meeting customer in cafe and etc.
  4. The warranty services: this is what i love most but it depend on your warranty that you purchase. I've my next business day warranty service. I call it today, the next day i'll get the warranty parts and the engineer with come to change the part for you without any further questions. Remember to get your warranty service whenever you purchase your notebook. It's important.


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