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Saree Wearing Aunty and sexy girls

shinujohn2008Sexy Saree Photos of Unknown Desi-WomenTamil Sexy Model Actress Palak Hot Photos In saree Below Belly Shots93rate or flag this pageNewset Collection of Desi-Housewifes Saree PhotosBy shinujohn2008photos of saree wearing indian ladiesThese are some latest Pics of a Cute sexy Tamil Model and Actress Girl known as Palak. She is very hot in her Saree which is worn below belly which increase her beauty altogether. These Model Girls are very hot and sexy thanBollywood Actress. Dear Friends Sorry for the Low Quality of these Photos. Please I promise all of you that you can get more High Quality Photos Here READ MORE HUBS I have a large collection of these girls and you can see all photos from the Read More Hubs where you can enjoy the Hubs that I have created including many NRI ladies,foreign girls and other cute actress allover the world. Tollywood,Kollywood actress are also very sexier and some movie scenes will be added with every hub.Thanks for taking time to Visit My Hub and i Hpe that you all had a nice time being here. if You Enjoyed this sexy aMouth Watering Scenes in Saree,Salwars Series 391rate or flag this pagegirls in saree Onam Photos SeriesRekha Sri Navel Show in Half Saree PhotosBy shinujohn2008Mouth Watering Scenes in Saree,Salwars Series 3ctress palak and want to Pictures of Saree Blouse Housewifes92rate or flag this pageSaree Wearing Aunty Non Actress Photos90rate or flag this pageFleshy Tamil Actress from Kollywood in Saree89rate or flag this pageBy shinujohn2008Would you like to see some new fleshy Tamil Actress whose photos are taken from from Kollywood movies. The way they wear sarees prompted hubbers like me come up with such celebrities from Tamil films. Jayasudha the old actress pictures have also been added in this hub. Many unknown actress photos has also been a part of this photo gallery of actress in sarees. Kollywood and Tollywood actress are the pioneers in the case of acting sexy in movies from yesteryear to present heroines.Saree Pictures of Indian Ladies N R I's AwaySaree Clad Photos of Indian Women90rate or flag this pageBy shinujohn2008Saree is a recognised dress for most girls from India. Enjoying the saree clad photos of Indian Women is now possible due to real saree photo galleries. They look more hotte than the celebrities in bollywood cinemas.Mouth Watering Scenes in Saree,Salwars SeriesSexy Indian Actresses in Saree Photos SeriesSexy Indian Actresses in Saree Photos Series 28rate or flag this pageBy shinujohn2008Actress, Celebrities from Kollywood and Tollywood is increasing everyday and getting a saree special photo gallery is not very easy. And while i was collecting the photos i found that there is a huge collection of pictures that can be arranged as a series and so i come up with a five finger series in which you can enjoy your long awaiting dreams to see saree clad indian beauties in Cinemas.Sexy Indian Actresses in Saree Photos Series 1Why Sex is Important to Men96rate or flag this pageBy Everyday MiraclesI have a surprise for you, gentlemen: Your wife probably doesn't know how important sex is to you.Now sure, she knows that it's important. She knows that you (very likely) want more of it than she does. She knows that you sometimes take an attitude when she is less than forthcoming. She also knows that she can use sex as a weapon, denying what she feels is a physical desire of yours.But she probably doesn't know that it is an emotional need.Most of my marriage articles here on hubpages are for men. Why? Because I run a forum for women about the subject of marriage. I prefer not to cross-post content and Google likes it that way, too. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!In this case, however, I understand that this topic is so crucial to men that I wanted to give this article the most exposure possible. Guys, women just don't understand!Now I know, I know... Women are so mysterious. There are so many things about us that you just don't "get" that it might be shocking to you that women don't understand you much better than you understand them! But it is very, very true that each gender sees the world very differently, and if we're going to be able to truly communicate, we're going to need to "get on the same page."Sex isn't all about physical pleasure for a man.ex isn't all about physical pleasure for a man.It isn't Physical, Ladies!Sure, men like sex. Most men I know love sex, even. It is a physical pleasure that is incomparable, really. But the physical element of sex is a desire, not a need to be met. Men can live their entire lives without the physical pleasure of sex.What is more important to your husband or significant other is the emotional need that sex meets.I understand you, ladies! You don't necessarily think that men are emotional creatures! They don't (usually) cry like we do, and they don't talk it out. They don't discuss their emotions and they don't bawl into a tub of ice cream like us. But that doesn't mean that they are not equally emotional creatures.Like women, men want affection from their mate. Affection is equally important to members of both genders. But your husband or significant other might not be a cuddler. If he doesn't seem interested in snuggling up on the sofa to watch tearjerker films with you, it is because his need for affection simply isn't met in the same way that yours is: His need for affection is met through... You guessed it! Sex.What He Hears when You Say You Have a Headache"I have a headache" has become a common joke. Women are exhausted at the end of a day of taking care of household chores and children and don't feel that they can fit sex into their night. They might be angry with something that their significant other did during the day (or week, or month) and feel that denying him sex is appropriate revenge for his insensitivity to their needs. Or they might genuinely have a headache.But when you tell your husband that you don't want to have sex... Or if you make up an excuse not to have sex with him, he hears your rejection, and he might become resentful. He hears you say that you don't want him, that he isn't good enough, not big enough, not fit enough.Men are insecure creatures.t's not a Weapon, Girls!Sex is a genuine, emotional need for your husband or significant other. Please, please do not use this gift as a way to manipulate him or to punish him for some perceived flaw. The key is to forgive him and to give him the respect that he needs as a man. Claiming to have a headache or to be too exhausted to meet his needs is humiliating to him and makes him feel like less of a man. It undermines his self-esteem and can make him feel incredibly unappreciated. Appreciation is very important to a man!Your husband probably feels that sex is invigorating and energizing. After a long day at work, he probably wants to relax with you: and this is his way of relaxing.I know, I know. The modern woman is asking herself (and me) "what does it do for me?" I get you, and I get your point. We tend to be a very self-motivated society. Let's address that issue!Recommended Readingove & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needsrice: $11.50ist Price: $22.99For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of MenPrice: $6.27List Price: $14.99The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your MatePrice: $3.98List Price: $14.99What does "Giving in" Get Me, the Woman?First things first, you shouldn't be thinking about sex as "giving in" to his desires. When you married your husband, you promised to love him until death. We are meant to sacrifice for our spouse and for our children. Sometimes sex might be a sacrifice. Some nights you might just feel too tired to engage in sexual activity. And it's okay to say no. Once in a very great while.But meeting your husband's emotional need for sex can reap great rewards for you, as well! When you give of yourself to your man, you open a part of him that you might not have seen previously. You help him to feel refreshed and appreciated. You make him feel desired and desirable. You fulfill him in a way that we as women cannot begin to imagine.Things start to happen. He becomes more apt to ask you how your day has been, or to offer to cook dinner. He becomes more inclined to romance you a bit more (in your way, rather than his, which is unsurprisingly probably sexual). You might stop having to ask four or five times for him to take out the trash (he might do it on the first request now!).Great things happen when you begin to meet your husband's needs. Bearing in mind that your husband has an emotional need for sex, this area of your relationship should not be neglected!Women, do you withhold sex from your man? Men, does your woman withhold sex from you? * Yes, often * Yes, occasionally * No, not recently * No, never!See results without votingTop 10 Sexiest Cartoon Girls of Fan Art6rate or flag this pageBy livewithrichardAn alternative look to the characters we know The top 10 sexiest cartoon girls are listed below. Not only will you find images of the original characters, you will also find new creations of these characters in a format called FAN ART.Fan art, as I described in this hub, is artwork that is based on a character or idea created by someone else. While it can be a work of art derived from a book, poem, or music, it is mainly work derived from comics, cartoons, movies and video games.I hope you enjoy the images I am displaying below. The images fall under the "fair use" provision of the US Copyright law, or are properly credited to the creator of the fan art. Also, visit the artist profiles I list later to show your support of fan art.BatgirlLow resolution copy of a comic book cover.See all 19 photosLow resolution copy of a comic book cover.Fan art by Clunkworld at DeviantArt.comFan art by Clunkworld at DeviantArt.comWe start with Batgril from DC ComicsBatgirl made her first of several incarnations in DC Comics in 1961. The character was created by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff and introduced as a love interest to the Robin's character in Batman. Allegations of homosexuality between Batman and Robin led to the creation of Batgirl.Betty Kane in 1961, Barbara Gordon in 1967, Helena Bertinelli and also Cassandra Cain in 1999 and Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe in 2006, have all assumed the identity of Batgirl in several spin-offs and deviations from the original DC Comics Batman series.As you can imagine, each new Batgirl, though a fictional character, brought a whole new personality dimension to the character. Fans and artists continue to recreate this character as they interpret her.Betty BoopLow resolution copy of a Betty Boop posterLow resolution copy of a Betty Boop posterFan art by Eireen at DeviantArt.comFan art by Eireen at DeviantArt.comBring on Betty BoopBetty Boop was created by animator Max Fleisher in 1930. It is said that the Betty Boop character was modeled after two popular silent film actresses of the 1920's , Helen Kane and Clara Bow. Betty Boop was considered the most famous sex symbols of the animated screen.Boops cartoons were full of carefree sexuality and psychological elements of the Depression era. Because her cartoons were full of sexual innuendo, she became one of the first animated characters to be subjected to censorship and her animators ordered to tone down her sexuality.Betty Boop is of legendary popularity and has legions of fans around the world. Her characterizations have paved the way mor many sexually liberated women around the world. Her merchandise can be found everywhere and she last made a cameo appearance in the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?CatwomanLow resolution copy of a comic book cover.ow resolution copy of a comic book cover.Fan art by Candra at DeviantArt.comFan art by Candra at DeviantArt.comThe mysterious Catwomanatwoman was first created in 1949 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. This character has been a supervillainess as well as an antiheroine. She has been portrayed as an adversary of Batman and also a love interest, occasionally as his one true love.Catwoman's costumes have evolved numerous times over the years as well as her abilities. She's' a top athlete and gymnastic prodigy that is also extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She wields an assortment of bullwhips, has retractable razor sharp claws and displays an empathic relationship with all kinds of felines.Because of her relationship with batman, her character is mysteriously intriguing. Her character recreations are very popular among fan artists.Cheetaraow resolution copy of a cartoon still.ow resolution copy of a cartoon art by Berkheit at DeviantArt.coman art by Berkheit at DeviantArt.comheetara of the ThunderCatsheetara was a female warior based on the Cheeta, and the only original adult female ThunderCat. The ThunderCats was an American animation series based on the characters created by Tobin Wolf in 1985. The ThunderCats were cat-like humanoid aliens from the planet Thundera who become stranded on "Third Earth" and must avoid their enemies, the Mutant's of Plun-Darr.Cheetara was the voice of reason and had a "sixth sense" that allowed her to perceive when danger was near. She was super fast which helped her in combat and wielded a staff that could grow or shrink.The ThunderCats series only lasted for 4 seasons but continues to have a cult following and a huge fanbase. Rumors of a new ThunderCats movie have been floating around on the web for over a decade but nothing has ever been substantiated.Harley Quinnow resolution copy of a comic book coverLow resolution copy of a comic book coverFan art by Pat Carlucci at DeviantArt.comFan art by Pat Carlucci at DeviantArt.comPsychotic and Humorous Harley QuinnHarley Quinn was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in 1992. Her character is a close accomplice and would-be girlfriend of the Joker, Batman's nemesis. She also has a close relationship with fellow supervillainess, Poison Ivy.The Harley Quinn character is very popular among comic fans. She moved on from Batman: The Animated Series to numerous cameo roles in th DC Universe and finally on to her own comic book series.It's the psychotic and humorous nature of Harley Quinn's character that makes her so attractive to fan artists to recreate her in their own vision.riginal Art vs. Fan Arto you like the fan art or the original art of these characters? * Fan Art * Original ArtSee results without votingean Grey / The Phoenixow resolution scan of a comic book page.ow resolution scan of a comic book art by Alayna at DeviantArt.coman art by Alayna at DeviantArt.comean Grey aka. The PhoenixJean Grey was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and is one of the five original members of the X-Men. Her character first appeared in X-Men #1 in 1963. Her main powers were telepathy and telekinesis. However, Jean Grey's character has evolved into the Phoenix and has developed Godlike powers.In her 46+ years of existence, her character has gone through several image changes as well as ability changes. She is ranked #6 of the top 25 X-Men of the last 40 years. Fan artists around the world try their hand at recreating this icon.Jessica RabbitLow resolution of a film still.Low resolution of a film still.Fan art by CerberusLives at DeviantArt.comFan art by CerberusLives at DeviantArt.comJessica Rabbit EntersJessica Rabbit got her big debut in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? She was a scantly clad lounge singer and the wife of Roger Rabbit.The film was a huge financial success, though a coordinating nightmare. It was a mix of live action and animation together onscreen. It was the first and only time Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny appeared onscreen together as well as Donald and Daffy Duck. Also, the producers failed to get permission to present cameos from Popeye, Felix the Cat and Tom and Jerry. But they were able to get a cameo from the most famous cartoon sex symbol, Betty Boop.umors of a nude frame on the laser disc release of this film let to a sell out of the laser disc on its but. It's not only funny, but it speaks volumes about the sexuality of Jessica Rabbit. It also accounts for the above average recreation of the character by fan artists.Princess Jasmineow resolution copy of an animation still.ow resolution copy of an animation art by Marirosa at DeviantArt.coman art by Marirosa at DeviantArt.comhe Princess Jasmine Princess Jasmine was created by Ron Clements and John Musker for the 1992 animated Disney film, Aladdin. Jasmine is the first Disney princess to not be of Euorpean descent.Her distinct hourglass figure, dark brown eyes, long black hair that she pulls into a ponytail, along with her poofy outfits that always reveal her midriff, leave a lot for imagination. Disney characters, especially princesses are top targets for fan artists.onder WomanLow resolution scan of a comic book scan.Low resolution scan of a comic book scan.Fan art by Slammm on DeviantArt.comFan art by Slammm on DeviantArt.comThe Amazon Wonder Woman Created by Moulton Marston in 1941, Wonder Woman is one of 3 characters to be continuously published since the beginning of DC Comics. Wonder Woman is a superhero that comes from the legendary Amazons of Greek Mythology. Her ancestory from this legendary tribe alone places her near the top of sexiest cartoon girls. Her outfit helps too.Her creator, Marston, was famous for inventing the polygraph, hence the macic sso.VelmaLow resolution scan of an animation cell.Low resolution scan of an animation cell.Fan art by !14-bis at viantArt.comFan art by !14-bis at DeviantArt.comVelma, star of Scooby DooI know, most people would think that Daphne from Scooby Doo would place higher than Velma. After all, Daphne has a slim figure, she wears a purple mini-dress with purple stockings. She's not very smart and most likely an easy choice for many admirers.However, Velma is very brainy. She covers her assets very well which leaves many fan artists to use their imagination to bring out the real Velma.I must know!!!Which of the characters listed is the sexiest cartoon girl? * Batgirl * Betty Boop * Catwoman * Cheetara * Harly Quinn * Jean Grey * Jessica Rabbit * Princess Jasmine * Wonder Woman * VelmaSee results without and fan Artists to visit. * berkheit on deviantART This is the profile page of the artist that created the Cheetara fan art. * Slammm on deviantART This is the profile page of the artist that created the Wonder Woman fan art. * marirosa on deviantART This is the profile page of the artist that created the Princess Jasmine fan art. * CerberusLives on deviantAR This is the profile page of the artist that created the Jessica Rabbit fan art. * Alayna on deviantART This is the profile page of the artist that created the Jean Grey/Phoenix fan art. * PatCarlucci on deviantART This is the profile page of the artist that created the Harly Quinn fan art. * Candra on deviantART This is the profile page of the artist that created the Catwoman fan art. * Eireen on deviantART This is the profile page of the artist that created the Betty Boop fan art. * deviantART: where ART meets application! Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. * clunkworld on deviantART This is the profile page of the artist that created the Batgirl fan art.Want to make your own cartoons? * Cartoon | Learn How to Paint Cartoons into the Computer Instructions on how to make your own cartoons with digital art training.PrintShare it! Rate it: up down [flag this hub]Entertainment: Top 10 Sexiest Bikini Scenes in MoviesWho would you add or remove from this list?RSS for comments on this Hub Small RSS IconCereal Stray says:2 months agoCatwoman...with Jessica Rabbit coming in a close second. I love redheads!Nicole Winter profile imagecole Winter says:2 months agoAwesome hub, I put my vote in for Jean Grey / Phoenix. Ever notice that the fan art breasts are about 3x's bigger than the original artist's drew them at? I guess we all know what guys wanna see "more" of.Christoph Reilly profile imageChristoph Reilly says:2 months agoI guess that's why I like the fan art, Nicole! Ha, ha! But really, they are so slick and truly well done. Dang, they even made Velma hawt!Christoph Reilly profile imageChristoph Reilly says:2 months agoOops..livewithrichard profile imagelivewithrichard says:2 months agoThanks Chris, Nicole, and Cereal. Velma is pretty good, I'm kinda partial to Wonder Woman myself... If you visit the artists link to WW you'll see that he modeled her, at least the face, after Megan Fox.cindyvine profile imagecindyvine says:2 months agoI think the fan art is better than the original!Nicole Winter profile imageCindy, but the originals had to be produced on 2 dimensional comic books. Velma for a weekly cartoon, though Jessica was allowed considerable time for creation, her boobs weren't big enough..lolVDaniels profile imageI like the fanart of VELMA,I've never seen a sexy version of her.nice hub.livewithrichard profile imageMy Other Marriage Hubs * How to Be a Happy Housewife My long-term dream as a girl was to become a stay at home mother. I have always wanted to have a large family and to take care of them in the way that I felt was traditional. The dream has (as dreams will)... * When can infidelity in a marriage be forgiven? Infidelity can truly tear a marriage apart. Emotions run high on both sides of the marriage when one partner commits adultery and there are a thousand questions that the faithful spouse wants to have... * Changing the Divorce Statistic It is a sad fact that divorce rates are quite high around the world (though my research indicates that the divorce rate is happily rising less steadily than I had previously thought!). Marriage is no longer... * The Importance of Loving Your Wife I believe that a marriage can be successful even if only one partner is willing to try to make things work. In this case, I am going to be addressing what it is that men can do to help to strengthen their... * My Husband's Second Wife I found a request this evening about the ups and downs of remarriage for a woman and I decided to take a slightly different approach to the question. I am my husband's second wife. I am the victim of his... * Why Women Obsess Over How They Look Honestly now... Why do we women obsess about how we look? We might have the most supportive and loving husbands in the world and still worry about what others think about us. We look around and we compare... * Showing Your Man Some Love One of the things that every woman wants to know is how to make her husband feel loved. She naturally believes that because she is so desperate to feel his love, that he must, therefore, be desperate to feel...Further Reading (Not My Hubs) * Improve Your Relationship By Improving Your Sex Life Hi girls! I want to share something with you that can improve your relationship. Something I noticed that a lot of girls are getting wrong (in my opinion), and it's preventing them from having the relationship that they want: A loving, caring and balBy shinujohn2008lick thumbnail to view full-sizeee all 49 photosy New edition of saree photos is being published now. Appukuttan65 one of my fan has come with a request that he wants to see non actress especially some girls in saree. His request is a good one and for the past few hours i have been working hard to find photos that he would like to see. Middle aged photos of indian people are also in good demand in India. Vinayakudu is the latest movie of Poonam Kaur from which these photos are taken for this loving Gallery. Poonam kaur is a new model who has just started acting in tamil films. This is a mix collection of some good photos i found so that you can have really fun. I will soon come up with more exciing and amazing galleries of indian actress. You can aslo make requests for such beautiful hubs from me Request a hub


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