Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Indian Honeymoon Tour Photos Series

Lovely beauties I find not from Bollywood or Kollywood. New face models become popular through albums and i also make their photo galleries but my fans are more interseted with photos of Real life Situation Photos. Masala loving Indian viewers get these photos only from shinujohn2008. Indian girls will be the main essence in these hubs. May be you think that they are models or actress. They are not at all celebrities or any well known actress, but they are ordinary ever loving bauties who are just married. India is always rich with beauties of this kind and in these editions most of these women are from rich families and these pictures were taken by them when they were on pleasure trips or tours to places for enjoying their luxurious life. Saree photos showing the traditional value of Indian culture is also included so that its memories will not fad away on seeing modern dress like jeans and salwars.


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