Tuesday, 23 June 2009

NRI 10 non resident indian girls

Presenting yet another set of Photo Collection of hot NRI - non resident indian girls enjoying their life. They are having fun, parties, beaches, bikini and drinks! NRI enjoy special attention not only the Government of India, but also simple guys next door. Government of India is giving them special status as they bring in lot of foregin exchange money into India. Specially through remittances from UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries. Guys from India like to follow them, because they look beautiful and seductively attractive. Check out the recent Hubpages or HubGalleries of these NRI desi girl series

Biggest NRI population is in United Arab Emirates – estimated to be around 14 lakhs (1.4 millions) with another million or so in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, and other gulf countries.

There is also a large population of desi living in Caribbean. Way back in 1838 to 1917, when slavery was abolished, there was a huge demand for labor and manpower. Caribbean was under British and so was India at that time. So the British under its Raj, brought ship loads of Indians to work in the Caribbean as laborers. The first ship arrived in 5 May 1838. Majority of the Indian arrived from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. And an equal numbers from South India from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. In some parts of Caribbean, Indian origin population are highest, and in rest of the Caribbean island, it is ranked 2nd.

But the most sort after are desi NRI living in United States and other western countries.

Here are some beautiful photo collection of NRI desi girls enjoying their holidays aboard in their swimwear and bikini. Hope you too enjoy.


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